City of Stoke on Trent Travel Training Scheme

The Project is designed to offer people in Stoke on Trent the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to travel safely and ultimately independently around our city.

The programme offers a framework of objectives that is underpinned by a variety of well known and accredited schemes of work and awarding bodies. The accurate record keeping and assessment format recognises and includes the advice of 26 professional participants all with a vested interest for their pupils, students, service users and patients.

Specially designed by professionals in our city for use by people with a variety of needs, this programme facilitates the acquisition of skills that could enable individuals to take up opportunities at college, work based training, employment, and to enable them to enjoy social activities. 

As part of our inclusion agenda this project offers continuity and progression starting in school from Y10 and following pupils/students to all city destinations. Individual personal logs inform each service what has previously been identified for Travel Training purposes and includes areas of competence and vulnerability. A list of participating professionals, risk assessments, and pertinent information are prioritised. It advises on appropriate resources and informs future planning. It is beneficial to have a `City Scheme’ that has the participation and approval of professional agencies contributing from a variety of perspectives. The programme’s design encompasses a wide range of objectives. This will enable all young people to participate irrespective of their degree of special need.

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